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Welcome to the Charles Sturt University Regional Archives database. The archival items you will find here can be viewed by visiting our Search Room on the South Campus of Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga. Contact us...

Our Archival Collection is divided into four ‘repositories’:

University Records
We are responsible for managing the archives of Charles Sturt University's divisions, offices, faculties and schools. We are also the caretakers of records from the precursor educational institutions of the University, stretching back to 1896. Browse our holdings

State Archives
We are the designated Regional Archives Centre for the State Archives and Records Authority of NSW in the Riverina and Murray areas of our state. This role permits us to collect, house and make available the archives of state government agencies in this region. Browse our holdings

Regional Records
Our Regional Records Collection is comprised of private, non-government archives of historical interest created within our collecting region of southern NSW by businesses, professionals, community organisations, and individuals. Browse our holdings

Page Research Centre Collection
We act on behalf of the Page Research Centre Library as the repository for a significant collection of archives and records created by the National Party and its precursor organisations - the Australian Country Party and the National Country Party. Browse our holdings

Please be aware that words and descriptions in this database may reflect the period in which they were created and may be culturally insensitive or considered inappropriate today.

Members of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are advised that this database contains the names and images of deceased people.